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Welcome to our new web page!

Gone but not forgotten... please stay tuned as we bring our site into the next century. Look for a better class and workshop registration page, easier check out, member portfolio pages and tips you can really use from our members. Don't forget to opt in to our mailing...

Anyone know how to warp a backstrap loom?

While weaving in Room 1 visitor stopped by to ask if she could get some help warping a backstrap loom she bought traveling in Honduras. She remembers how to weave but can't figure out how to get started. Is there anyone out there who can help? If so, send an email to...

The unofficial Queen of Doubleweave will teach in January

Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild welcomes Jennifer Moore for our Winter Workshop that will take place over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend (Sat-Mon, January 13-15, 2018). Whether it is in her striking doubleweave wallpieces or elegant wearables, Jennifer Moore...

Weaving with Mohair? 2 words…Cowboy Magic!

I'm on a mission, a mission from the fiber gods (and maybe my husband): I'm going to weave my stash - my knitting stash that is. After finishing a big double weave blanket I moved on to the finer things in my decades old yarn stash - a mohair and silk blend from...

THIS is why you join a guild…

After the meeting last month I decided to put the warp on my loom and get threading in anticipation of the Fall class on double weave. Several of us come to Room 1 on the weekends to get some weaving done (its fun, just make sure to check the calendar for weekend...

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November is a great time for weavers.  Since the weather is cooler, here in the South, we are getting inspired to weave scarves because it is cool enough to actually wear a scarf (well sometimes). I find I am inspired by the beautiful art work I see at craft fairs and shows. I get excited planning what I will weave for the upcoming holiday gifts for family and friends. 

Don’t forget the mini workshop after the guild meeting in November.  Janelle Schultz will be teaching us how to make sheep! Do you have a fiber craft that would make a great mini workshop? Share with the guild. Let Janelle know for our next mini workshop.

Kathy Grupp
President, CHG

Board of Directors

President – Kathi Grupp 
VP Programs – Julie Aiken
VP Workshops – Liz Bein
Treasurer – Allison Bishop 
Membership – Debbie Gaunt
Secretary – Kathie Roulston
Properties – Kay Guilmet
Members Show – Rita Carlson
Education – Emily Kahn
Communications – Ray Callaway
CoWorkshop – Janelle Schultz


Librarian – Tonya Leach
Newsletter – Teresa Edmisten

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