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We have so much going on in the next few months and want to make sure you know all about what we are doing in our email note, What’s On Our Loom (WOOL).

This month’s meeting is this Saturday

Each month we get together to share our love of fiber, the work on our looms and a great fiber oriented program. Guests are always welcome. Here are the details:

November 18, 2017

10AM Meet and Greet, Library Access for Members
10:30AM Business Meeting, Program Follows at 11:00

Everyone is welcome and please bring a fiber friend.

Dunwoody Center for the Arts, Room 4
5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Dunwoody, GA 3033

This month’s program will be:

Thinking Out of a Box, That Got Bigger

Leisa Rich – Experimentalist will be the next Presenter at CHG. On November 18 at 11:00am, Leisa will be with us to share “Thinking Out of a Box, That Got Bigger”.

Her work can be seen on her website: http://monaleisa.com. Leisa works with fiber and fiber techniques in ways that bring smiles, invite curiosity and even invite viewers to physically interact with the art…touch, please. Come welcome her and hear about life through her lens.

Membership in CHG Comes With Perks

One of the great benefits of membership is early registration for our great learning opportunities. CHG offers classes each quarter for students of all experience levels on equipment owned and maintained by the guild.

Our guild is fortunate to have several nationally recognized teachers and speakers in our ranks. We attract terrific programs and workshops and make those available to members and the fiber community.

The Winter Quarter classes and workshops will be announced in the next few weeks. Click the button below to learn more about CHG, join and get first dibs at some terrific programming.

Learn more and join CHG

Mini-Workshop for November Meeting:
Members, Weave a Sheep!

Time: 1pm – 3pm
Cost: $5 (includes all materials)
If you plan to attend the mini-workshop please email Janelle Schultz

Sheep and most fiber animals hold a particular fascination for those who work with yarn, and many of us are thinking about gift giving at this time of year.  Combine both interests when you join teacher, Janelle Schultz, in weaving a sheep.  Each small sheep (approx. 3″x5″) will be woven with wool roving on a rigid heddle or other loom.  We will have the looms all warped up for you – simply come ready to weave.  We will discuss different ways to create a sewn or needle felted head for your sheep.  Get creative and make legs, tails and other ornamentation for your sheep!  This mini-workshop is perfect for all skill levels.

Aren’t They Cute?

Just a few more weeks until our new website soft launch, take a minute to say good bye and look for our new site in December. Our new site will offer a new way to register for classes online and will be mobile friendly. We’re hoping to share tips, tricks and weaving wisdom from our members and community.

Community Outreach at the Highland Games

On Saturday & Sunday, October 21-22, 2017, Stone Mountain was transformed into a wee bit of Scotland for the annual Highland Games.  Wherever you looked you saw a multitude of colors in the many different tartans.  The clan tents wound through the woods, along with a special section of games for the children, the different pipe and drum bands, the raven master with his raven, and even a Scottish Santa!

But by far, the best tent in the “highlands” was the spinning and weaving demonstration tent. Here member Ann Doherty used the CHG loom to demonstrate weaving on a tartan she designed.  Many folks both young and old(er) took advantage of the opportunity to  learn about this ancient craft, and some even had a chance to try it themselves.  People were very interested in learning about this craft and Ann distributed several CHG flyers.  We hope to meet some of these folks at one of our meetings or classes.

We have a demo loom and aren’t afraid to use it!

There’s nothing like a working loom to spark the interest of kids and adults alike in the ancient craft and art of weaving. We are looking for opportunities to demonstrate the weaving process and give folks a chance to help us make cloth.

We’re looking for places to engage the pre-weaving public. If you have ideas, please let us know.

Share your demo loom ideas here.

New Classes are Coming Soon!

Registration for Winter Classes will be open for members in a couple of weeks and then, one week later, will be open for the general public. Here’s a list of the classes that will be available:

  • #958 DRAFTING 101 DAY
  • #960 DRAFTING 201

If you aren’t already a member, now is the PERFECT time to join. With early registration you get:

  • Monthly programs (except for July, August, and December)
  • Reduced fees for classes and workshops
  • Mini-workshops offered after monthly meetings
  • Member’s Only Exhibition (every 2 years)
  • Juried Exhibitions (every 2 years)
  • An extensive selection of books, magazines, and videos in the Helen Woolman Library
  • Equipment rental options
  • Fiber Focus – The newsletter of the guild issued 10 times a year
  • Study Groups
  • Opportunities for Scholarships and Awards
  • A Standards and Ratings program
  • Access to the “Member’s Only” portion of our new website

Learn more and join CHG

Weaving with mohair? 2 words… Cowboy Magic.

I’m on a mission, a mission from the fiber gods (and maybe my husband): I’m going to weave my stash – my knitting stash that is. After finishing a big double weave blanket I moved on to the finer things in my decades old yarn stash – a mohair and silk blend from Shibui. This go ’round my plan is to make lighter than air shawls with this crazy pretty yarn. One difficulty (perhaps the most benign word imaginable for what feels more like hell on earth) … mohair sticks to itself and everything around it with a tenaciousness that will not be denied.

After getting my warp on the rod in the back and setting up my lease sticks I found that the crazy string just would NOT move, period. And with all things impossible, I turned to my pal Google. After a few wacky search attempts – just how do you phrase, “My warp is sticking together and I think I may cry…” and get anything helpful, I landed on what has turned out to be not just Cowboy Magic but real magic. After an emergency run to my not-so-local Tractor Supply Company (TSC) the night before class since Amazon did NOT deliver this time on time, I found myself in possession of mane and tail grooming conditioner for horses. You should have heard the cashier when I told her what I was going to use this stuff for – she wondered why I was making a late night run for Cowboy Magic in an electric car clearly not suitable for ranch life. Some head shaking was involved.

Anyway, Cowboy Magic is actually magic. I put a small amount of it on my hands and stroked my nasty snarled warp. Guess what? It worked. I found that a little bit on the hands as I pulled the yarn behind the raddle seemed to be just enough to get it wound on and then threaded. Now that I am weaving, I put a little on my hand that guides the yarn going on to the bobbin and things are going well (healthy dose of wood knocking inserted here).

I’m keeping my Cowboy Magic in the Room 1 cabinet for those similarly challenged, help yourself – a little dab’ll do ya.

Do you have a tip you’d like to share with our mailing list? Drop me an email and we’ll get your helpful suggestion into the hands of many. Thanks,


The Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild – (CHG) is a non-profit organization that welcomes everyone with a love of fiber arts. Weavers and other fiber artisans come from all parts of Georgia and many of the surrounding states to meet, exchange creative ideas, and get inspiration for their work. People with no experience learn about weaving and other fiber arts, and experienced artisans share their knowledge and grow together.

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