Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild

The mission of the Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild is to promote and preserve weaving and other fiber related arts.
We do this through education, programs and outreach to the community.

CHG Face-to-Face Programs Suspended due to Coronavirus Restrictions
Check Back Soon for an Exciting Announcement!

Dear Members & Visitors –

We are committed to providing the opportunity to students whose Spring Quarter classes were interrupted the opportunity to complete their projects as soon as reasonable.  Please be advised that even if the N. DeKalb Arts Center is unlocked for either Spruill Arts or Dunwoody Players, Room 1 will remain locked until the Board is ready to resume Guild programs.

Conversations with … Online Demonstrations for Members

CHG is bringing the CONVERSATIONS WITH… study group to you by conducting on-line demonstrations starting in May. Members will receive Zoom Meeting invitations by email. Please look for your invitation to our Tuesday evening CONVERSATIONS WITH… at 7PM.

  • Do you have a topic you would like demonstrated?
  • Do you feel you can share your expertise on a topic?
  • Check your emails about topics and times.

Contact Board Members (contact info below) about topics you would like to see or share with fellow members. Not a member of CHG? Click here to learn more and, hopefully “see” you soon.

For a sample program, check out this Conversations With… Leigh Skowronski. Leigh shared her experimentation with Ice Dyeing Techniques.

Conversations With… Leigh Skowronski Presents Ice Dyeing

Learn more about Ice Dyeing from Leigh by clicking here for a detailed how-to companion to the video above. Conversations With... is a members only program. Learn more about membership here, and join in the conversation.

Inga Dam Workshop Highlights

Inga Dam shared her expertise in incorporating tablet weaving into handwoven cloth at a presentation to the guild and in a three day workshop. We learned about the history of tablet weaving as well as the various ways that tablet weaving can be used as part of the...

Exploring my new loom – 32 shaft Louet Megado Compu-dobby

I got a new loom, one I have been waiting for since Convergence 2018. I've built it and have woven my first piece, a ruana with no sewing. Admittedly, this was about the simplest thing I have made at this point and I only used 10 of the 32 shafts. It did give me a...

upcoming events

a message from our president

Welcome to Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild.  Please explore our website to find out who we are and what programs we offer.  We have a strong educational mission and offer a multitude of classes over fall, winter, spring and summer quarters.  In addition we host regional, national, or international experts in weaving for workshops three times a year.

Because of the Coronovirus outbreak the Guild is suspending programs through the Summer of 2020.  While many of our classes and workshops do not fit the category of “large group” meetings, there are many of our members who might be members of high risk groups.  Additionally, the Guild uses a building from the City of Dunwoody.  The City has asked us to suspend all programs for now.

We hope to resume normal face-to-face operations by September.

Our meetings are open to visitors and we hope that you decide to drop in at one of them.  Generally they are held on a third (3rd) Saturday of the month, but when workshops are scheduled, they occur on the Friday evening prior.  Check our calendar to be sure.

Ray Callaway
President, CHG

Board of Directors

President – Ray Callaway
VP Programs Kathi Grupp
VP Workshops Lauren Seidl
VP Juried ExhibitsMary Beebee
Treasurer – Hazel Segall
Membership Leigh Skowronski
SecretaryKathy Roulston
PropertiesColleen Casey
Members ShowEmily Kahn
EducationAnn Doherty
CommunicationsElyse Anderson
CoWorkshops – Chris Hitchcock


Librarian – Clare Anderson
Web Site – Teresa Edmisten

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