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The mission of the Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild is to promote and preserve weaving and other fiber related arts 
through education, programs and outreach to the community.

Coming to the March 20th Guild Program –

Boisali Biswas is a studio artist working in mixed-media fibers. She is originally from India, and her formative years were spent at Visva-Bharti International University, founded by the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. The essence of that profound experience of being in tune with nature throughout the educational journey has stayed with her and continues to influence her work. She has always had a deep-rooted attachment to the traditional art forms of her culture-rich homeland. There is an underlying influence of the captivating traditional patterns and techniques and usage of stunningly rich array of colors in Indian art. Boisali has also had a lifelong fascination for ethnic and indigenous arts from around the world.

Living in this country for over 2 decades and adapting to Western styles, techniques, inspirations in concert with her background and fascinations has made her Art into a cauldron of multicultural assemblages that are very unique and feast for the eyes.

To see more of her work:

Boisali will present at 11:00am after the guild’s business meeting and will end at noon.

Only 4 seats remaining

Linda Hartshorn

Weaving in a Parallel Universe


April 17-19, 2021


Saturday, Sunday, Monday (2.5 days)

This workshop will be conducted in an online format

Stories from Nature Juried Exhibit

Nature is, and always has been a source of inspiration for artists. Besides physical beauty, there are timely stories to be told through functional and artistic expression.

Explore a parallel universe of possibilities in weaving! Parallel threadings are incredibly versatile and can be used to weave a variety of structures including echo weave twills and jin (polychrome turned taquete). Set up your loom with the threading of your choice in four warp colors. Using various treadlings and tieups, weave vibrant colorways, echoes and iridescence. Learn how to create a parallel threading and how to use network drafting. Study a variety of drafts, view demonstrations with weaving software, and weave samples on your loom at home. Add the power of parallel threadings to your weaving repertoire.

Linda Hartshorn is a weaver and dyer, known for her unique dyework and lively use of color in her handwoven textiles. Linda weaves and dyes in her home on the redwood coast of northern California, and teaches weaving at the Ink People Center for the Arts in Eureka.  Linda enjoys leading workshops and brings her positive, fun and supportive teaching style to events all over the country.  She is a two time recipient of the Victor Thomas Jacoby Award for spinners, weavers and dyers.

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Members! If you missed the February meeting, find it in the Member Pages.

Thanks so much to Virginia Postrel (pron. PAH-STRELL) for her riveting presentation. She shared snippets of her latest book which examines the development of technology, industry, and commerce through the history of textiles, from prehistoric times to the near future. Follow Virginia on Youtube here. See a list of sources for her book here.

If you are not a member, now would be a good time to join us. We offer monthly programs, study groups, classes and workshops.

Weaving with Color – Online Workshop with Deb Essen

The 12th and 13th of September, 2020 found 15 people from various parts of Georgia, Tennessee, and Ohio gathered together in a Zoom room with Weaving instructor, Deb Essen, who was located in Montana and Chris Hitchcock (Workshops Chair) in California. This gathering...

2020 Creative Confinement Results

Congratulations to CREATIVE CONFINEMENT Winners and Finalists. All of the entries can be reviewed at the links following the Winners and Finalists details. The competition had 2 parts - the OVERALL competition that included 160 entries from 13 guilds and the CHG...

Creative Confinement Sponsors

Thanks so much to our sponsors of Creative Confinement - Online Fiber Show. Please click on the logos below to visit their web pages. If you would like to learn more about sponsoring the show, please email Shuttles...

Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild 2021 Juried Exhibit

Prospectus:  Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild of Atlanta, GA (CHG) invites all fiber artists to participate in the 2021 CHG Juried Exhibit. We invite and encourage all fiber related submissions.  Pieces representing textile craft from functional to artistic pieces are...

Conversations With… Leigh Skowronski Presents Ice Dyeing

Learn more about Ice Dyeing from Leigh by clicking here for a detailed how-to companion to the video above. Conversations With... is a members only program. Learn more about membership here, and join in the conversation.

Inga Dam Workshop Highlights

Inga Dam shared her expertise in incorporating tablet weaving into handwoven cloth at a presentation to the guild and in a three day workshop. We learned about the history of tablet weaving as well as the various ways that tablet weaving can be used as part of the...

Exploring my new loom – 32 shaft Louet Megado Compu-dobby

I got a new loom, one I have been waiting for since Convergence 2018. I've built it and have woven my first piece, a ruana with no sewing. Admittedly, this was about the simplest thing I have made at this point and I only used 10 of the 32 shafts. It did give me a...

CHG Demos

Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild is frequently requested to provide demos of weaving at events.  This is an important part of our Educational mission - bringing a knowledge of weaving as craft and art to others and promoting the Guild as a resource for learning. ...

Sericulture: The Art of Raising Silk Worms to Produce Silk

The CHG February Guild Meeting Program was presented by Cassie Dickson, weaver, spinner, natural dyer and raiser of silk worms! Cassie Dickson presented her work with silk - from eggs, to worms, to cocoons, silk and moths all made possible by careful tending and a...

Weaving with Mohair? 2 words…Cowboy Magic!

I'm on a mission, a mission from the fiber gods (and maybe my husband): I'm going to weave my stash - my knitting stash that is. After finishing a big double weave blanket I moved on to the finer things in my decades old yarn stash - a mohair and silk blend from...

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a message from our president

Welcome to Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild, a vibrant organization dedicated to fostering and supporting weaving and other fiber related arts. We offer meetings, programs, exhibits, workshops, classes, and demonstrations at community events.

Due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic our face-to-face contact has been suspended. The safety of our members is of utmost importance so we will be holding meetings and classes via Zoom until it is deemed safe for in-person contact to resume. We will be closely following the CDC and the State of Georgia for information and guidelines on the pandemic. When it is safe to resume in-person events we will announce it in our Fiber Focus newsletter and post it here on our website.

We welcome visitors to our meetings, held each month except for July, August, and December. If you are interested in attending, please send an email to and request the Zoom link. Members will receive the link in their Fiber Focus newsletter.


Leigh Skowronski

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