CHG Weave Structure Study Group

Weaving Structures study group will use Heddlecraft magazine as its guide. Each HeddleCraft is dedicated to a particular structure or threading style in weaving. There are concise instructions and sample drafts in each issue. Most issues contain information for both 4 & 8 shaft threading (occasionally up to 16 shafts). There are 27 issues to date covering weaving styles and structure like: deflected double weave, Echo weave, double two tied weaves, Advancing twills, Shadow Weave, and Parallel threading.

For the first meeting, each member will choose an issue they would like to see explored. We will draw the issues for the first year from a hat (4 subjects) and create our schedule if your issue is drawn you will lead the discussion (you can form a team). We will create our calendar, giving at least three months to each issue.

Every member will need to order their own copies of the issues from HeddleCraft.

The Study Group organizer suggests that members make a donation of $10.00 donation to the guild to assist in defraying the expense of our Zoom license.

Contact: Colleen Casey, Properties Chair –

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