Hazel Tully


Nature and organic expression has been one of the large influencers in my life from day one. Growing up in the Kansas Flint Hills I was surrounded by waving prairie grass, bubbling creeks, and parents who taught me how to see the world around us through an appreciative eye. It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles that I noticed how necessary that connection to the land is for me. During lockdown I found myself wandering the neighborhoods with a want to see beyond the concrete and a need to find an artistic outlet that didn’t include access to flame. Here I found the towering pine trees of California and the little bare foot and wild haired child of my soul jumped for joy. Working with fiber feels like a conversation between the plants and my hand, and in a way, reconnects me to my roots

Artist Statement:

Drift represents transformation both in evolution in technique and in exploration of a new medium. This piece was my first use of varying diameters of tubing to form the coils which resulted in a wider range of detail within the vining technique. As well as an addition of silk thread these shifts in technique allowed for a visual transformation and greater range of expression for my pieces.

Techniques Used: Bundles of pine needles are threaded through varying diameters of tubing and hand stitched into place.

Materials: California long needle pine needles, silk thread, embroidery thread.
Measurements: 10.5" x 12" x 3.5"

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