Entry Guidelines and Tips

Tackling the Entry Form

When the entry period opens, navigate to the category you would like to enter from the menu – Competition Entry. Watch the short video below to see the entry process. It’s fast and easy.

The show committee will review each entry before it is accepted and published online so please be patient. You will receive an email notification when your entry has been accepted and published.

Read the tips below the video before you enter and good luck!


  • Images should be no wider than 1024 pixels in any direction (biggest would be 1024 x 1024).
  • Images should be JPG or PNG files.
  • Images show on screen better if they are formatted to be horizontal.
  • Entries may contain 2 photos – preferably an overall image and a detail BUT they must be selected during the same entry form submission. Pick 1 or 2 images before you click the submit button.
  • Check out the PHOTO TIPS page found here.


  • Make sure you give each entry a unique (to you) title. “Scarf” for each title will not work well.
  • Check spelling, capitalization and punctuation carefully before submitting.
  • Make sure the title is suitable for all audiences.

Guild Membership

  • Please identify your Guild. Part of the fun of this show is in connecting as artists and as groups of artists.
  • If your guild is not listed in the drop down, please contact creative-confinement@chgweavers.org┬áso we can make that happen.


  • Please provide a description of your entry. Again, this can be simple or involved but should include things like:
    • Fiber content
    • Weave Structure (if woven)
    • Dimensions
    • Sett / PPI
    • Special techniques like “hand dyed” or “hand spun”
    • Credit for collaborators
    • Etc.
  • Remember, this will be visible so check spelling, punctuation and capitalization carefully before you submit your entry.
  • Entries must be anonymous so please take care to keep your name (or partial name) out of Titles and Descriptions.
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