Rebecca Smith – San Diego, CA


I have been a weaver for 35 years. My work has been selected for juried exhibits throughout the United States. Among my honors, in 2018 I was awarded first place by the Handweavers Guild of America in their annual Small Expressions exhibit. I live in San Diego, CA and am an active member in the San Diego Creative Weavers Guild, as well as a member of California Fibers. You can see the full array of my work on my website:

Artist Statement:

I have always sought ways to let light filter through or emanate from my woven art. After 20 years of weaving tapestries, I am now applying those same skills to creating imagery in “transparent tapestry” or transparency weaving. In this format I am able to layer images to create depth. The lightest or least dense layer is transparent, creating an ethereal effect that perfectly fulfills my intention to use light as an element in my weaving.


The interconnected nature of our modern world has become very evident during the COVID pandemic. The ever-widening curve of the spiral symbolizes that connection as well as gradual expansion from the source. The spiral is caught in a web of intertwining tendrils that, true to their nature, envelop and entangle both human and natural elements.

Techniques Used: Handwoven transparency technique: linen ground weave with wool and rayon inlay.

Materials Sourced From Nature: Undyed linen is used as warp and ground weft.

Other Materials Used: Wool, rayon, wood support

Measurements: 36" x 20" x .5"

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