Getting back into the weaving groove after a nice winter break I happened upon The Efficient Weaver, an Interweave online course taught by Laura Fry. Look for the link at the end of the post if you are interested. I’ve just passed my one year anniversary as a weaver, so consider the source as you read on. After running through the video vignettes that make up the course, I am convinced that Laura Fry is a genius at breaking down essentials for good, streamlined, ergonomic work habits. In particular the warping process, threading process and weaving/selvedges sections were pure gold. The video sections are generally single shot which only emphasize that Ms. Fry can fly when doing just about anything she demonstrates AND she does it with an economy of motion that is lower stress on the body as well as upping production. I tried her tips when I went to Room 1 this weekend with great success and will probably be revisiting sections soon. Newbies with a little experience under your belt, this one’s for you.

Interweave: The Efficient Weaver Course

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