The 2021 Fall Class Catalog has a new look!

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Please be aware that classes can sell out quickly.  Please click on learning to review class guidelines and location information.
Potential New members: It is a manual process for us to activate your membership on the website and is usually done within 24 hours, but may take a few days longer. You will receive an email once your membership has been activated. Seats in classes and workshops fill up quickly. If you are concerned you will miss out while you wait for your membership activation email, you have the option of ordering the class or workshop at the full, undiscounted price.

Rigid Heddle Classes –

Are you brand new to weaving?  Using a rigid heddle loom is a great introduction. Many times rigid heddle classes require you to already have this small table loom, but CHG has some for new weavers to use.  You’ll learn the basics of weaving in a few short weeks and gain valuable insights if you decide you want to purchase your own loom.  Classes range from beginners to more advanced techniques.  If you have questions about this type of weaving contact our Education Chair and she will put you in touch with our instructor.

Didn’t see the class you were interested in? That means it is sold out or may not be available this quarter. Things can happen, plans can change. If you would like to be included on a wait list or to ask for a specific class, please complete the following form.

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