It’s gonna be hot!  Y ’all come!

That’s how we invited our fiber friends to Convergence 98.  About 2,000 came from every state in the US and 26 countries.  Over 300 volunteers from fiber guilds around Georgia worked to make Convergence 98 Atlanta the best ever.  We called it Rhythm and Hues.

For this month’s program, let’s celebrate the 20th Anniversary of CHG’s marvelous event.  If you have any Convergence 98 wearable, please put it on.  If you have any Convergence 98 memorabilia, please bring it to show off.

A Challenge – In honor of this grand occasion, we will recreate the challenge we issued to all participants and had so much fun with:  Make a Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear.  This means make something beautiful out of something unattractive.  You can choose to be literal or figurative.  We will show off our “silk purses”

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