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The Guild awards an annual scholarship to encourage members to seek education in addition to that offered by CHG and to share some aspect of that education with the guild. The scholarship for 2024 is for someone attending the Handweaver’s Guild of America conference, Convergence. The application deadline is April 15, 2024. Please see the complete list of guidelines and criteria before applying. . Applications should be emailed to

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Guidelines for Scholarship Fund


To encourage members to seek education in addition to that offered by CHG and to share some aspect of that education with the guild.


  1. Eligibility: Applicants need to be an active member of the Guild for a minimum of 1 year. Active members are defined as having attended at least 1 monthly meeting and at least one of the following: participate in a Guild class or study group or volunteer in some way to support the Guild.
  2. Applicant must be willing to share some aspect of the seminar, class, or workshop with the guild as follows:
      • To write an article for Fiber Focus
      • In addition, the recipient will do a program or mini-workshop for the Guild members. The program can be as informal as a 20-30 minute presentation, a couple of photos and an overview of what they learned, liked/disliked.
      • This sharing will be scheduled (not necessarily completed) within six months of attending the seminar, class, or workshop. The recipient is responsible for contacting the Vice-President, Program Chair, or other committee chair to schedule the chosen activity.
  3. A member may receive a maximum of one scholarship every three years (date used to determine the three-year time will be the date of the seminar, class, or workshop). If a previous application has been denied, a member may continue to apply.
  4. Application forms can be downloaded and completed online from the “Members’ Only” section of the guild website.
  5. Anonymity is important in making unbiased decisions. A blind review of the applications will be conducted with only the Scholarship Committee Chair knowing the name of the applicant. The Committee members decide the relevancy of the project and if the applicant shows an outline for an interesting project that will benefit the guild as a whole and the scholarship recipient.
  6. Financial need is not a criterion for granting or denying a scholarship. The scholarship program is a part of the guild’s commitment to the educational process of the guild. Members are encouraged to use scholarship funds to attend programs and bring their newly acquired skills and knowledge back to the guild to share.
  7. Applicants may apply for funds based on the costs of tuition, materials and travel only.
  8. Budget & number of awards: During a Convergence year, the award will be $1000 and be granted to one person. Alternate years, there will be multiple awards (the total of all the awards not to exceed $1000). To be funded by the Guild’s operating budget.
  9. Eligible programs include art and craft schools (Arrowmont, Haystack, etc.), workshops sponsored by other guilds, special fiber events such as Fiber Forum or Convergence, or fiber related courses offered by fiber related business.
  10. CHG sponsored workshops and classes are not eligible for the scholarship program.
  11. The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.
  12. These guidelines may be reviewed one year after the CHG Board approval or at any time by recommendation of the Scholarship Committee Chair and Members.
  13. All applications must be received by April 15, 2024. All applications will be considered at the same time.
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