Lori Polak – La Jolla, CA


My fascination with art began as a child. I spent long hours wandering through native markets and local exhibits in Mexico, the country where I was born and raised by European parents. The colors and interplay of humor and imagination have always captivated me as have color, light, and texture found in the festive cultural traditions of my heritage. I have lived in La Jolla California for more than 30 years, taught privately, and at the Mingei International Museum for 7 years. I currently work from my home studio and focus on exploring through fiber and glass.

Artist Statement:

Having explored many different mediums, I find working with silk and wool a beautiful means in which to explore texture and freedom. Wool manipulated with silk begins a new tapestry, one in which design is built by slowly manipulating natural fibers and dyes into a new form. I then drape and bond, these one-of-a-kind textile designs into a new creation of wearable art. I have been told my weightless structures reflect an architect’s sensibilities.


My recent work incorporates natural plants in my designs to further illuminate the beauty and relationship between color, line, shape, and nature in a different setting.
My continued exploration of embodying nature in this fused medium is my current craft — thinking through my hands. The beauty of nature is for me, a universal language that enables us to understand, change, and embrace values across the globe.

Techniques Used: Etched Silk Organza with Merino wool. Each leaf is hand -printed individually.

Materials Sourced From Nature: Nasturtium leaves surging after the rainfall.

Other Materials Used: Etched ink.

Measurements: 46" x 46" x 0"

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