After the meeting last month I decided to put the warp on my loom and get threading in anticipation of the Fall class on double weave. Several of us come to Room 1 on the weekends to get some weaving done (its fun, just make sure to check the calendar for weekend classes). Sarah, a new weaver in the floor loom class, had the same idea and was busy working on her warp. She was working with some beautiful yarn, unfortunately it had a mind of its own – tangling and knotting as she struggled to wind it on. Before I knew it, Terry walked over with encouragement and offered to help her get it under control. Over the next 3 hours (that’s right, 3), Sarah and Terry worked together to get Sarah’s double weave warp wound on. They talked about Japan, archery, meditation, physical therapy, travel… you get the idea. With every topic, more and more knots were brought into submission and the yards of Sarah’s warp found their way around the back beam.

Every time I come to Room 1, I learn something new. When I have been stuck, someone has helped me with patience and a smile. And as I have learned more (rounding out 1 year of weaving this month), I’ve tried to pay those kindnesses back. Our guild is a helping guild and a teaching guild. I will never forget the day Terry untied knots for 3 hours to help a fellow weaver get to the fun part. If you aren’t a member, join. You never know when you will need a hand – or when you might just make the difference for someone else.  Teresa

Terry (left) and Sarah after conquering Sarah’s misbehaving warp.
Below, the warp, smooth and ready to go.

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