Nicole Asselin – Winston – Salem, NC


Nicole Asselin is a textile artist and educator based in North Carolina. Her work explores the intersection of craft, technology and the natural world. Pushing boundaries and addressing the anthropocene, her textile and multimedia art utilizes magnification, abstraction, hyper-local material harvesting, living processes, and a hybrid digital/analog approach to making. Asselin holds a Master’s Degree in Art + Design from North Carolina State University and a B.A. from Bennington College. Her work and research is published in Selvedge Magazine, Edible Brooklyn, the New York Times, and The Textile Society of America.

Leslie Smith makes drawings, prints, and books based on her interest in mind, body, and the way we think about the self. She holds an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Iowa Center for the Book, an MLS in Library Science, and an MA in Spanish and Latin American literature. She lives in North Carolina and teaches printmaking and book arts classes.

Artist Statement:

Open harvest is a collaborative art project.
We started making paper during the lockdown in North Carolina from foraged banana stalks and linden tree branches. In our group studio of eight artists, we were alone, with more time than we have ever had, but it was not carefree time because of COVID-19. Working with our hands and making paper was a useful, creative practice, organizing the hours. The transformative process of making paper from harvested fiber was grounding and motivating. We took comfort in the tactile, the concrete. The papers the process yielded were unique and beautiful, a robust harvest, ripe for creativity.


During our collaborative art making process, the organization of the fibers from formlessness to form aided us in making meaning during the transition and changes that touched even the smallest details of everyday life. As the last two in the studio, we became interested in making collaborative work. Nicole immerses herself in material exploration, entering into conversation with traditional fiber and craft practices. Leslie communicates through symbols translating thought and feeling into simple forms. In the installation, every part of the plants we collected are included in the artwork, framed and put by, as if preserved for a later time. This is the collection, the materials, the forms, the collaboration, and an opening to a great unknown.

Techniques Used: Paper making, indigo vat dyeing, pochoir stencil printmaking

Materials Sourced From Nature: Banana and linden fibers, organic indigo powder

Other Materials Used: Wooden backer board, indigo dyed cotton string

Measurements: 15” x 45.5” x 1”

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