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Sara Idacavage Presentation Kicks off CHG’s Sustainable Textile Challenge



Repurposing – Repurposing is using something for a purpose other than its original use.

Recycling – Recycling converts a material into something of roughly the same value as it originally was.

UpcyclingUpcycling converts a material into something of greater value than it originally was.

Downcycling – Downcycling converts a material into something of less value than it originally was.



Many donations find their way to the landfill. Be mindful of these tips:

  • Target your donation to a group that is actively seeking clothing/textile donations – they are more likely to reuse and repurpose donated items.
  • Donate items that are in good condition – stained, dirty and damaged items are more likely to head to the dumpster. The less work needed to get them into circulation the more likely they will find active use.

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