March 2021 Workshop – Exploring 4-Shaft Traditional Overshot


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Instructor: Susan Conover
Location: Virtual Workshop via Zoom Teleconference
Dates: March 6-7, 2021
Days: Saturday, Sunday
Materials Fee: $35 + shipping.  The fee covers a 3 yard pre-wound 8/2 Bockens Egyptian cotton warp for a sampler to be used in class.  It will also include 8/2 cotton for the ground weft, Bockens 8/1 Linen in natural for Spetsvav and Borgs 6/2 Tuna Wool in white for Honeycomb.
Supplies: A four shaft loom with either a 45/10 metric reed or a 10-dent Imperial reed and an 8-10″ wooden temple (see note in Description). You will dress the loom with the supplied warp.  The student is responsible for supplying the pattern weft.  Borgs Faro 6/1 Wool should be obtained in a color of your choice.

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The term overshot brings to mind coverlets woven on Early American barn frame looms dating back to the 1700s. It is believed Europeans brought the weave structure to North America and fortunately weaving materials such as wool and cotton were readily sourced and available.

Susan invites you to spend two insightful days exploring one of her favorite weave structures. Her workshop creates multiple overshot samples serving as a ‘snapshot’ of overshot threading sequences. This approach provides the groundwork for wider weaving projects once concepts are mastered.

Utilizing an 8/2 cotton warp and tabby weft along with Borgs Faro 6/1 for pattern weft. Looms will be dressed prior to the workshop with the 4-shaft 8 1/4″ wide warp.

Our study will delve into understanding block weaves and treadling the overshot weave structure. Overshot treadlings such as Star, Rose, Italian, Flame-Point Fashion will be explored in addition to Echo, On-Opposites, Petit Point, Lace weave, Spetsväv, and Honeycomb to name a few. 

Susan’s workshop examines and let weavers explore this fascinating structure and provides a comprehensive understanding for future weaving projects. Both days include lectures, power point demonstrations, and short videos with ample time for questions.

Topics include:

  • Block weaves
  • Profile drafts
  • Weaving as “drawn-in” or “tromp as writ”
  • Two-shuttle to four-shuttle techniques
  • Color changes, etc.

Participants will receive a draft for a special project which can be completed after the workshop.  It is a complete Overshot Pillows Draft which is 16” wide on the loom and could include up to ten pillow tops. Sampling first, as we will do in the workshop, will enable you to enjoy your new-found knowledge for such a project.

Supply Note:  A wooden temple is preferred when weaving overshot. For the workshop sample, using a binder clip type temple is an option.

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