I have a goal of weaving all of the textiles, at some point, in my house – linens, clothing, pillows, whatever. I’ve been weaving on my Megado for 5 months and finally decided to install the sectional warping equipment. Boy are those U guides heavy! I’m weaving 5 8ft long curtains in linen using a Huck Lace structure and, for the first time, I will be using all of my 32 shafts. To make it work my husband and I build a 72 spool rack from some reclaimed mahogany we harvested from our home renovation. The rack is designed to sit on the floor during operation but will hang on the wall in the interim.


We made spools to save money and to see if we could from bee habitat tubes and round wooden craft disks we got on Amazon – a quick trip to the local maker space for a turn on the drill press to drill holes, a jig to make sure they were all configured the same and a hot glue gun to finish them off was all we needed to do. I decided to beam 3 inches at a time at 20 threads per inch so I wound 20 yds X 17 groups of 3 inch bouts using a double ended bobbin winder and a yardage counter. Gotta say, that was a bit on the dull side but definitely made me happy about the electric winder.

We purchased a LeClerc tension box and mounted it to the front beam of the Megado since the back beam is heavily slanted. Thread was pulled from the rack, through the tension box and then through a piece of an adjustable heddle section of rigid heddle looms (slot and hole). From the plastic rigid heddle (which acts a bit like a warping paddle in this setup) I placed the threads in a mini saddle made by Louet for the Megado. Threads were then tied in a bundle and lashed to the back beam with a cord.

I moved the thread counter from the bobbin winder to the tension box and started cranking. Threads flowed through the box to the beam pretty smoothly. I did have to adjust the spool rack to keep edge threads from binding on the spools but once that was done it worked great. As each bout was completed I used the rigid heddle section to create a cross. I know that folks usually tape the threads to keep them in order but I wanted to see if I could replicate the manual warping result – a cross and lease sticks ready for threading.

17 repeats later, my linen is beamed and ready for threading. I will update this post when the curtains start to emerge from the loom.

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