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Sara Idacavage Kicks off CHG Sustainability Challenge

Sara Idacavage, UGA Instructor of Record, spoke on UNRAVELING FASHION HISTORY AND SUSTAINABILITY for the March meeting. She provided an overview and historical context for a very broad and impactful line of inquiry for everyone – especially fiber artists.

CHG will begin a Sustainability Challenge in May, beginning with a mini-workshop and culminating in a competition – details to follow.

Stay tuned on this page for links and information related to the very deep and complicated topic of Sustainable Fashion – assessing the environmental and human impact of our choices around fashion and textiles.


Repurpose – Repurposing is the use of something for a purpose other than its original intended use.

  • Turning jeans into tote bags

RecyclingRecycling converts a material into something of roughly the same value as it originally was.

  • Frogging sweaters to make yarn for weaving or knitting

UpcyclingUpcycling converts a material into something of greater value than it originally was.

  • Weaving scraps combined to make a garment

DowncyclingDowncycling converts a material into something of less value than it originally was.

  • Shredding fabric for use as padding or insulation

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Tips for Donating Clothing and Textiles

Many clothing and textile donations find their way to landfills despite our best intentions. Here are a few tips to give your hand-me-downs a longer lease on a useful life:

  • Focus donation efforts on organizations actively looking for your items. General donation organizations may not have the capacity to do anything other than send excess capacity to the dumpster or package items for distribution overseas. Better yet, try to give or swap your items with friends!
  • Make sure your items are in good shape. Dirty, stained or damaged items may be too much work to bring them into service. 
  • Take an extra look at your donation pile. Can you find ways to reuse, renew, alter, repair or otherwise retain your items?

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