CHG Member, Terri Bryson is featured in an international online tapestry exhibit.

The “New Directions” exhibit is an invitation-only, online exhibit organized by Lindsey Marshall and Jane Freer-Wyld in the UK.  The tapestries in the exhibit are small format (10″ x 10″ or less).  See the complete exhibit here. Congratulations Terri!


One of the most remarkable things about living in our current age is that human beings can preserve, transmit, and hear one another’s voices, even when separated by space and time. During the COVID pandemic, the voices of distant loved ones soothed us and helped us overcome our isolation. In more normal times, voices guide us, imparting information in a way that is not constrained by time or direction. Voices evoke every emotion, and even transcend the sense of hearing – to me, for instance, each one has its own color. This tapestry was inspired by a digital voice print – it captures in a visual and tactile way the auditory experience of communicating through voice. The found materials that it uses represent the physical transmission of sound and the endurance of the human voice across time – past, present, and future.


8.25” (H) x 9.25” (W) x .25” (D)

21 cms (H) X 23 cms (W) x .25cm (D)


Synthetic materials were chosen for this project because many modes of voice transmission involve a variety of synthetic materials.

Warp:  Cotton Seine Twine

Weft: Acrylic yarn, old audio cassette tape, speaker wire, plied copper wire, variegated polyester yarn.

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