Coming May 18, 2024
Michael & Cheryl White – Georgia Yarn Company

Michael and Cheryl of the Georgia Yarn Company will be bringing their popular ‘yarn van’ to the Guild. Michael will be making a presentation on Cotton.

Cotton-Field to Yarn is a brief overview of the history of cotton and today’s modern production methods.  After mentioning the historical background of the growth of cotton as a major field crop, he will show (PPT) all phases of production from seed to finished yarn or cloth. The uses and benefits of cotton are included along with the geography of where cotton is grown in the U.S. and around the world. Videos included will show the process of harvesting, ginning, spinning and weaving cotton on an industrial scale.  There is also a discussion of sizing and labelling of cotton so you can read the labels on the cotton that you buy.

The Georgia Yarn van will be packed with their full range of natural cotton in all sizes, as well as all 36 colors of 10/2 cotton plus our recent dyed additions.  We will have Supima cotton yarn as well as linen and silk in a variety of sizes and colors.

May is the anniversary month of Georgia Yarn Company as well as Michael’s 81st birthday and to celebrate they will have a 25% off sale.  They will also include some closeout specials.

Georgia Yarn Company accepts cash, checks, all major credit cards and Pay Pal.

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