I’m on a mission, a mission from the fiber gods (and maybe my husband): I’m going to weave my stash – my knitting stash that is. After finishing a big double weave blanket I moved on to the finer things in my decades old yarn stash – a mohair and silk blend from Shibui. This go ’round my plan is to make lighter than air shawls with this crazy pretty yarn. One difficulty (perhaps the most benign word imaginable for what feels more like hell on earth) … mohair sticks to itself and everything around it with a tenaciousness that will not be denied.

After getting my warp on the rod in the back and setting up my lease sticks I found that the crazy string just would NOT move, period. And with all things impossible, I turned to my pal Google. After a few wacky search attempts – just how do you phrase, “My warp is sticking together and I think I may cry…” and get anything helpful, I landed on what has turned out to be not just Cowboy Magic but real magic. After an emergency run to my not-so-local Tractor Supply Company (TSC) the night before class since Amazon did NOT deliver this time on time, I found myself in possession of mane and tail grooming conditioner for horses. You should have heard the cashier when I told her what I was going to use this stuff for – she wondered why I was making a late night run for Cowboy Magic in an electric car clearly not suitable for ranch life. Some head shaking was involved.

Anyway, Cowboy Magic is actually magic. I put a small amount of it on my hands and stroked my nasty snarled warp. Guess what? It worked. I found that a little bit on the hands as I pulled the yarn behind the raddle seemed to be just enough to get it wound on and then threaded. Now that I am weaving, I put a little on my hand that guides the yarn going on to the bobbin and things are going well (healthy dose of wood knocking inserted here).

I’m keeping my Cowboy Magic in the Room 1 cabinet for those similarly challenged, help yourself – a little dab’ll do ya.

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