Sunday afternoons, students gather with instructor, Colleen Casey, to learn more about weft faced weaves. The class is a round robin where students switch looms every class to experience different threadings and the mechanics of different types of looms. We are weaving on Baby Wolf, Macomber, Kessenich, Leclerc Miro, Tools of the Trade, and Fanny looms.

The warp varies too and includes linen and cotton in various weights and construction – all warped at 6 ends per inch. The weft is primarily wool that has be donated to the guild. Each sample is bounded by plain weave using the warp yarn – complete with hem stitching. We will all be experts at hem stitching when the class is over!

Note the tag inserted in the samples. This records the weaver’s name, weave structure, pattern and any other notes to help in categorizing them when the class ends and it is time to cut off. Look for updates as the class progresses.

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