At the June meeting the slate of board members published in Fiber Focus was elected.  Congratulations to everyone.  We say goodbye, but not farewell to Kathi Grupp, Julie Aiken, and Debbie Gaunt who have all completed 3-year terms on the Board.  One of the things that happens in June is that people sometimes swap from one position to another.  We don’t want to burn folks out on a particular job for a full 3-years if we can help it.  Here is who will be taking on the various jobs for 2018-2019.

  • President – Ray Callaway
  • VP Programs – Jean Clark
  • VP Workshops – Janelle Schultz
  • Treasurer – Allison Bishop
  • Membership – Tonya Leach
  • Secretary – Kathy Roulston
  • Properties – Kay Guilmet
  • Members Show – Emily Kahn
  • Education – Ann Doherty
  • Communications – Elyse Anderson
  • CoWorkshops – Liz Bein

You will find all of these folks at the bottom of the home page, along with a click-able link for their official email addresses.

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