Showcasing Upcoming CHG Workshops

Color and Weaving with Deb Essen
(an online workshop)

September 12-13, 2020

Picking the right colors in your weaving will make your textiles sing, but sometimes things don’t work out quite as we planned. Those colors looked so good together on the cones, what happened? During this two day class for rigid heddle and multi shaft looms, we deep dive into color theory and learn how to consistently create pieces that sing, create/use our own warps based on the color theory and weave samples in color and weave structures.

Chasing Rainbows shows multiple color blending and Mini Pumpkins shows how different even Zoom Loom squares can look completely different by simply changing the proportion of two colors of yarns.

Focus on the Warp Kathrin Weber

January 16-18,2021


Weaving Expression in Weaving With Ruth Manning

April 17-19, 2021

Enjoy learning to construct a woven face using tapestry technique; once you begin weaving it may remind you of someone you know. We will focus on a few key elements that play a part in creating expression such as choice of weft, use of the slit, and shape making using “hills and valleys”. The instructor will be providing a wide range of wefts for use in the weaving, but you may want to think about what outfit your person will be wearing. Selections of bits and pieces from your stash are bound to add pizzazz, including handspun for hair and novelty yarns for clothes. All levels can find this workshop rewarding.

Duration: 2 ½, 3 days
Experience: All levels, basic knowledge of weaving helpful


Winter 2020; January 18th – 20th.

Inge Dam has been weaving for 31 years and in 1992 completed an in-depth study for Ontario Handweavers and Spinners to become a Master Weaver. The subject of the study was Iron Age Textiles from Northern Europe (the Iron Age was from 500 B.C. – A.D. 800). In the course of the study she became interested in tablet (card) weaving.

In excavations of Iron Age sites in Northern Europe (particularly in peat bogs and graves), ancient textiles have been found with tablet woven borders. Through inspirations of these textiles, she now incorporates tablet weaving into her fabrics by weaving the tablet borders and bands simultaneously with the fabric on the loom. From her fabrics she creates shawls, jackets and coats. She also makes unique bags from leftover handwoven fabrics.

In 2013 she published a book Tablet-Woven Accents For Designer Fabrics: Contemporary Uses For Ancient Techniques. She has had the opportunity to travel throughout the US and Canada and enjoys sharing these techniques through workshops and seminars.


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