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Classic and Non-traditional Rep Weave
featuring Lucienne Coifman
April 6-7, 2024 (Sat-Sun)

This Workshop is SOLD OUT.  Wait-List requests can be made using the form below.

Weavers, have you seen rep weave that floats over multiple rows, creates gaps and undulations, or runs both horizontally and vertically? Here is your chance!!!

In this round-robin workshop, participants will explore many variations of Rep Weave, including classic and non-traditional designs, woven on 4 to 8 shafts. Every loom will be set up with a different draft assigned by the instructor, using a variety of warp materials with appropriate setts and methods to demonstrate the impact of color and design choices.

Lucienne Coifman is a master fiber artist/designer and author of REP, RIPS, REPS Weave ,who specializes in rep weave projects for the table, floor, walls, and in forming 3-dimensional objects.

In Connecticut, she has taught weaving for almost 45 years at the Guilford Art Center, Guilford CT, The Creative Art Workshop, New Haven CT, and in her own studio.  In addition she has given workshops throughout the Northeast and Midwest, at the last 4 Convergences, and internationally.

For the last 35+ years Lucienne has been studying Rep Weave, experimenting with different fibers. Her main interest has centered on color interactions and patterns, using up to 8 harnesses and using pick-up techniques when needed.  She has researched many unusual ways to weave Rep Weave that do not follow the traditional path. Several special techniques have been presented in Handwoven Magazine.

Her weavings have also appeared in Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, and have been included in many juried exhibits.

For more information you can visit her website at:

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