Showcasing Upcoming Virtual (Zoom) CHG Workshops

Thank you to everyone who have participated in our 2020-2021 Virtual Workshops.

Because of the need to hold virtual workshops our plans for the first part of 2021 have changed.  We have been in contact with our presenters and it was determined that the Winter and Spring selections would not work in a virtual setting.  But as soon as we can resume in-person workshops we plan to reschedule both Kathrin Weber (Focus on the Warp) and Ruth Manning (Weaving Expression in Weaving) as soon as possible.

Important note about ordering –

One benefit of membership in the Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild is discounts on workshop registration. As of November 1, 2020 discount pricing for CHG members is automatically applied at checkout. If you are not yet a member but wish to take advantage of the discounted rates, you first will need to order a membership and receive login instructions to the Members Only pages before ordering the workshop.

Linda Hartshorn
Weaving in a Parallel Universe
April17, 19, 2021

We’re sorry, the workshop is full. 

Explore a parallel universe of possibilities in weaving!

Parallel threadings are incredibly versatile and can be used to weave a variety of structures including echo weave twills and jin (polychrome turned taquete). Set up your loom with the threading of your choice in four warp colors. Using various treadlings and tieups, weave vibrant colorways, echoes and iridescence. Learn how to create a parallel threading and how to use network drafting. Study a variety of drafts, view demonstrations with weaving software, and weave samples on your loom at home. Add the power of parallel threadings to your weaving repertoire. Level: intermediate-advanced. Threadings are long and complicated with a dense sett. Will need an 8-shaft loom for this workshop.

Susan Conover
Exploring 4-Shaft Traditional Overshot
March 6-7, 2021

Sold Out

The term overshot brings to mind coverlets woven on Early American barn frame looms dating back to the 1700s. It is believed Europeans brought the weave structure to North America and fortunately weaving materials such as wool and cotton were readily sourced and available.

Susan invites you to spend two insightful days exploring one of her favorite weave structures. Her workshop creates multiple overshot samples serving as a ‘snapshot’ of overshot threading sequences. This approach provides the groundwork for wider weaving projects once concepts are mastered.

Utilizing an 8/2 cotton warp and tabby weft along with Harrisville Designs singles or Shetland wool for pattern weft. Looms will be dressed prior to the workshop with the 4-shaft 6-8″ wide warp.

Participants will receive a draft for a special project: A complete Overshot Pillows Draft which is 16” wide on the loom and could include up to ten pillow tops. Sampling first, as we will do in the workshop, will enable you to enjoy your new-found knowledge for such a project.

Deflected Double Weave – Winter 2021 Virtual Workshops with Natalie Drummond

Workshop on January 16-17th – SOLD OUT

Workshop on February 6-7th – SOLD OUT

This workshop will be presented virtually using Zoom.  Workshop attendees will weave deflected double-weave samples on their own 8-shaft looms using various fibers and setts.  A process will be arranged for students to provide samples from their work and receive samples from the other students in the workshop.  There will be a pre-workshop Zoom session December 16th at 7pm to speak with Natalie Drummond for any questions you may have.

Natalie Drummond is a former educator and fiber artisan living in Fort Wayne, Indiana (and soon to be Fremont, Indiana). Born and raised in Virginia, she developed a love of science, teaching, and sewing. Earlier work focused on sewing clothes and making items for the home. This interest led her to develop work in felting, weaving, and sewing handwoven cloth. Weaving looms include an 8-shaft Wolf Pup, Baby Macomber, and Inklet as she prefers to weave with fine threads.

If you have questions regarding the workshop please contact Christiane (Chris) Hitchcock at or

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