Hazel Tully


Nature and organic expression has been one of the large influencers in my life from day one. Growing up in the Kansas Flint Hills I was surrounded by waving prairie grass, bubbling creeks, and parents who taught me how to see the world around us through an appreciative eye. It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles that I noticed how necessary that connection to the land is for me. During lockdown I found myself wandering the neighborhoods with a want to see beyond the concrete and a need to find an artistic outlet that didn’t include access to flame. Here I found the towering pine trees of California and the little bare foot and wild haired child of my soul jumped for joy. Working with fiber feels like a conversation between the plants and my hand, and in a way, reconnects me to my roots

Artist Statement:

Balance represents transformation through technique. On a trip back to my childhood home I learned a new coiling technique through weaving with prairie grass. Once I returned to the big city and my stash of pine needles I was itching to see how this new way of coil weaving would lend itself to this different fiber. Balance was my first use of this vining technique in pine needles and opened the door for a huge transformation in my work and a new chapter of expression.

Techniques Used: Bundles of pine needles are threaded through tubing and hand stitched into place.

Materials: California long needle pine needles, embroidery thread.
Measurements: 7" x 10" x 9"

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