Beth Ross Johnson


I learned to weave from students of Norman Kennedy and later studied with himself. I’ve had two extensive stays in Japan to study folk textiles there focusing on kasuri. Recently I’ve been researching the ikat traditions of Europe and weaving sashiko patterns. I maintain a studio in Black Mountain NC where I weave, research and teach.

Artist Statement:

This series combines many of the techniques I’ve been working in for years with the newer exploration of Sashiko Ori. I tried to weave a single composition made of individual squares, each with its own composition, held together by the supplemental warp and weft weaving that resembles sashiko stitching. Weaving a composition that resembles the Japanese recycled fabric tradition of Boro is sort of a joke, but by weaving it I can identify the design considerations that define it. To me, ikat is a transformation of threads as they break up the line of warp and weft and send it into another direction.

Techniques Used: "Log Cabin Sashiko Ori- a six harness weave that structurally and visually resembles sashiko stitching weft ikat random ikat zanshi- weaving with leftover threads"

Materials: "Leftover threads Naturally colored cottons- brown, natural ,tan indigo dyed yarn I dyed Indigo dyed yarn someone else dyed"
Measurements: 58" x 28" x 1"

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