Véronique Perrot


“I am a handweaver based in Atlanta. I weave mostly functional textiles on an 8 shaft floor loom. At the request of a family member, I started making pieces designed to be hung on the wall and looked at. For these pieces, my goal is to provide a place for the eye to wander and delight in colors; new discoveries appear with the change of light during the course of the day and the seasons.
I lucked out with the pandemic lock down: I got stuck at home with my loom, plenty of yarn and plenty of time, and just enough skills to be able to weave a variety of fabrics! With practice came better skills, and a better sense of how simple structures (e.g., turned twill) and common yarn (e.g., 8/2 cottolin and cotton) can be transformed into interesting cloth.

The two pieces presented here were woven on the same warp, and offer two explorations of the same process: a conversation between warp and weft that produces something entirely new.”

Artist Statement:

“I like damask, where pattern is solely made of warp dominant and weft dominant areas. When warp and weft are the same color, the pattern is revealed by how the light reflects from threads oriented differently.

With an 8 shaft loom, the simplest of damask is possible: alternation of warp dominant and weft dominant twill rectangles.

When different colors are used in warp and weft, the color in either warp or weft will dominate in each rectangle. Yet, if warp dominant and weft dominant areas are evenly distributed, so will the colors in warp and weft.

I designed a warp with greys ranging from very dark to very light: could the weft transform grey into colors?

In this piece, the weft transformed the warp into the pale colors of dawn in winter, when there is just enough light for colors to emerge from the night.”

Techniques Used: "Handwoven block twill, woven on 8 shafts Warp: evenly sized block with one color per block Weft: blocks of various sizes with one color per block"

Materials: commercially dyed unmercerized 8/2 cottolin and cotton
Measurements: 34.5" x 39" x 0"

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