Lena Meszaros


“I am a Hungarian and Russian origin fiber artist, living in France.
I especially love to tell stories with my creations. When I have an idea, I completely immerse myself in it. When younger, I worked in a theater as a playwright, and kept a liking for staging. My quilts are time suspended, an instant when everything stops, but you can always imagine what was happening before, and what will come after. There’s an intensity to that precise moment, a delicate one, and sometimes dramatic. Visually, my artworks are also intense, a baroque luxury of details, an abundance of colours and emotions.

My quilts are exhibited worldwide (European Patchwork Meeting – France, The Festival of Quilts – Birmingham, UK, Verona Tessile, Vision Gallery Chandler, AZ, Whistler House Museum, Lowell, MA, Page-Walker Arts & History Center, Cary, NC, Houston (TX), Schweinfurth Art Center, Visions Museum, VIEW, at EQA and SAQA online and travelling exhibitions, at the Dubai Quilt Show amongst others.”

Artist Statement:

this project started on the last day before the second lockdown. When I hastily picked up my personal stuff before leaving my office, I knocked over the binding machine. Thousands of little pieces are scattered. Exasperated, I yelled, “”What a disaster! “”But then an idea was born … and I carefully collected all the pieces. To represent the violence of the pandemic, I decided to integrate new materials in my textile creations: the acrylic pouring and the thousands of small papers recuperated, to describe an absolute disarray. Sewing all these elements together was a feat, but I wanted to expand my concept of material marriage. So Transformation for me has several meanings, the recycling of the trash, the evolution of my techniques and to have transformed my anger against the pandemic, by taking out my anxieties on an artistic way.

Techniques Used: Fabric painting, acrylic pouring on transparent plastic tablecloth, soldering iron cutting, appliqué, machine and hand embroidery, free-motion quilting

Materials: Fabric, transparent plastic, acrylic paint, paper
Measurements: 49" x 33" x 0"

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